Providing true reliability from real time Objective Evidence
The only Real-time Objective Evidence Solutions That Close the Reliability Gap.

Electronics manufacturing has seen significant technological advances in the last few decades, but reliability testing solutions have lagged behind, until now.

Magnalytix OE-250
Test Cards
The Future of Electronics Reliability Testing is here.

Welcome to Magnalytix®, where we believe reliability matters so much- we’ve built Objective Evidence Solutions to ensure it. Our reliability engineers
created a real-time, objective evidence tool evolved from long proven and accepted laboratory techniques that are designed to operate in an electronics manufacturing facility. The Magnalytix Leadership Team shares over 50 years of experience in the field of electronics manufacturing cleaning and reliability testing. View our shop floor ready, “plug and play” operation products to find your Objective Evidence reliability solution, meeting the recently revised
IPC J-STD-001G, AM 1 guidelines.

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