Leading The Reliability Revolution

Real-time reliability solutions for electronics manufacturing


Components are getting smaller and smaller, and Our Electronics are playing a greater-than-ever role in our daily lives. Reliability matters more than ever. Magnalytix® is at the forefront of an ongoing revolution in cleanliness reliability testing, bringing a new level of consistency and confidence to manufacturers and OEMs.

An Inconvenient Truth

We’re accustomed to things breaking. It’s just part of life, an inconvenience. But, when it’s your son or daughter at the other end of that electronic device, when it’s a young solider on the battlefield or the passive occupant of a fast-moving autonomous vehicle, the issue of reliability becomes very personal indeed. In short, reliability is more critical, more crucial than ever.

Size Matters

As electronics manufacturing has advanced and miniaturized, cleaning reliability testing has failed to keep pace creating unacceptable reliability gaps. OEMs seek higher standards, reduced liability and real accountability. Magnalytix delivers with robust solutions that close the reliability gap with real-time objective evidence data.

The Right Solution. Right on Time.

In today’s miniaturized manufacturing environment, precision cleaning process reliability is critical. And with products from medical devices to military weapons to self-driving automobiles, reliable electronics can be the difference between life and death. Now is the time and Magnalytix is ready with game-changing solutions that run in real time in your process, on the factory floor.

It’s time to require Objective Evidence in validation of  “how clean is clean” in order to improve reliability of Our Electronics.

Dr. Mike Bixenman and Mark McMeen