Our Services

Let the Magnalytix team of experts give you the support you need for your manufacturing process. We offer a wide range of testing services that will provide the Objective Evidence you need to achieve the best possible results.
  • SIR Testing
    • This test method has been deemed the most efficient when determining the cleanliness of assemblies especially when reliability is a necessity.
  • IC Testing
    • IC Testing is an analytical chemistry method that separates chemicals with an electrical charge called ions. Similar to R.O.S.E testing, but much more sensitive and can tell you what the contaminates are instead of just that there is a contaminate present.
  • IC Test + C3
  • X-Ray Test
  • SEM Characterization & Analysis Report
  • Keyence Analysis & Analysis Report
  • Board Design
    • If you have a need for a board with specific design requirements, our Engineers can help you create a custom board design which we can then put into production for you.