Magnalytix OE-250 SIR Testing System

Reliability testing solutions have lagged behind, until now.

Introducing Magnalytix® OE-250

Remember the ROSE test? An industry standard for decades, it is no longer accepted by IPC J-STD as adequate objective evidence of product quality. Our flagship solution, the Magnalytix OE-250 delivers the objective evidence reliability standard required by the new IPC J-STD-001G-Am1. If you are an electronics assembly shop manufacturing to J-STD-001G-Am1, Magnalytix can help you with your reliability testing challenges.

Why is this the best reliability test available?

Magnalytix OE-250 is the only SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) Electrical Test Tool designed for the shop floor. Until today, advanced SIR test hardware was only accessible from offsite laboratories. Now, it can sit directly on your shop floor and measure reliability in real-time, where you are, when you need it. Sending out and waiting for your SIR tests are now a thing of the past!

Real-time data is delivered directly after a test is run, and any deviations from your preset, acceptable ranges are communicated via text or email for instant notification. No more weeks-long delays waiting for test results and risking valuable production time and resources during the “data gap”, and no more worrying that your products are unreliable or dangerous, while you wait for test results. This “plug ‘n play” design offers the solution to achieving Objective Evidence in real-time.

The interpreted, easy to understand reporting supplied by the Magnalytix OE-250 also includes recommendations for troubleshooting undesirable results, significantly reducing delays.

Why is the Magnalytix OE-250 right for me?

The Magnalytix OE-250, working alongside a customer provided humidity chamber, is designed for:

  • Detecting
  • Reporting
  • Analyzing data


  • Provides information to assess electrical performance
  • 20 card slot fixture, each with 4 channels

Provides Real-time Analytics

  • SIR values per channel/board
  • Min/Max
  • Trend data
  • Reporting


How does it work?

The Magnalytix OE-250 tool uses standard & customizable test cards that replicate the components and devices  you use in your assembly process every day. While the intuitive user interface will get many customers started quickly, in-depth training on the equipment is provided to ensure a smooth transition and turn-key use. Having this equipment on-site means that you can test reliability as often as you want, whenever you want, and compare it with historical test data. If a test detects a problem, you will be alerted immediately and that means that you make adjustments in real-time, addressing key issues as they arise, well before the test is over.

Other benefits

Other benefits include: unlimited defined test storage capacity, browser driven software compatible with every WiFi device, and test data monitoring from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. Download our product bulletin


Machine Specifications:

User-Friendly Interface: 23″ touchscreen plus keyboard
Test Parameter Set up: Fully customizable,
both on screen and remote
Storage Capacity: Unlimited
In-Process Test Updates: Real-time,
both local and remote
Remote Data Monitoring: Easily connect from anywhere
Exception Reporting: Get an email or text as soon as detected
Complete Report: Auto-Generated PDF upon test completion
Future Software Updates: Simple, One button – over an internet connection
Custom Charting: Current test data comparison with historical test data
System Calibration: Utilizing a Magnalytix Validation Card, the system can be verified in calibration during every test cycle
Number of Channels: Up to 80
Measurable Range of Insulation Resistance: 16 to 212 Ω
Internal Bias Voltage: 1v to 30v
Measurement Method: Continuous, Manual or Interval from 3 minutes to 1 hour
Measurement Test Interval: From 3 minutes to 1 hour
Cabling: Standardized, Full Shielded, Easily Replaceable, Quick Connect
Footprint: W-36” x D-31.5” x H-69” cabinet with wheels
Power Supply: Single Phase, 120v, 50/60 Hz (220-240v also available), 20 amp