About Us

Driven by a vision for reliable electronics
Our Vision

Our world vision is for a world where we all rely on Our Electronic devices to work. After all, someone's mother, brother, father, sister, son or daughter is depending on that device. And, in our everyday lives, for most of us, all around the world, we know that?

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Our Story

At Magnalytix, Co-Inventors, Dr. Mike Bixenman (aka Dr. Mike) and Mark McMeen were bold enough to ask these questions: ``What if we figured out how to mitigate risk of failure of Our Electronics through real time Objective Evidence? What if the reliability science and technologies could be as exacting as the complex electronic assembly processes we are running?``

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When two of the world's most renowned experts in the fields of electronic circuit cleaning and reliability testing first came together, there was a lot of discussion. Gradually, those discussions evolved into questions - difficult questions which had no present-day answers. It wasn't long before Dr. Mike Bixenman and Mark McMeen understood that they would need to work together to create the answer.

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