Magnalytix OE-300 SIR Testing System

Process Control Data that Correlates to your QMP

Introducing Magnalytix® OE-300

The Magnalytix OE-300 is the first of its kind test system that enables assembly operations to quickly generate true objective evidence data during daily operations for effective process control.

The electrical test method exposes the test board to elevated temperature and humidity, which mobilize undesirable process residues. The Magnalytix OE-300 then detects the impact any mobilized metal ions have in the form of measurable leakage currents or fully formed dendrites, which can be the cause of intermittent or total device failure. That is the science inside the Magnalytix OE-300, but all you need is our native analytics to prove that your process is in control.

Process Control Based on Objective Evidence 

Assembly operations invest substantial time, talent and treasure developing and documenting their Qualified Manufacturing Plan in compliance with IPC-J-STD-001H by employing high humidity and temperature testing.

The Magnalytix OE-300 with Process Control builds on that QMP development by employing the same, approved, objective evidence testing techniques adapted to meet production area operation’s safety, tempo, and economic considerations with results in as little as 2 hours.

The Magnalytix OE-300 with Process Control is flexible providing you capability never before available at assembly operations. It starts with the Magnalytix electrical twin.

Just what is an electrical twin?

It is a single or dual channel test coupon designed onto your production panels. You simply design one into any panel you plan to use for process control evaluation and periodically populate it with the Magnalytix dummy components that presents the highest risk of process drift failure. No longer take the risk of testing and potentially damaging production as well as sellable assemblies. Instead, use the low-cost, no-risk electrical twin alternative.

The organization with the best data wins! Magnalytix means big data analytics for your team and clients

  • Step-by-Step methods to detect, reduce, and monitor the risks of flux and process residues
  • A prescriptive analytics solution to find and resolve the root causes that come from active residues that are invisibly trapped under and next to components
  • A bottom-up approach to process excellence built on the principles of continuous improvement

Once you have a standard for a known “GOOD” condition, the Magnalytix Electrical Twin approach allows you to control your process across many applications:

  • Incoming Bare Board and Component Quality and Low Residue Status
  • Discern and test which flux system is best for your process
  • The activity of flux residues trapped under leadless and bottom terminated components
  • Cleaning processes (Poor Cleaning, Rinsing and/or Drying)



Technical Features:

Environmental Chamber Easy-access ports to set up multiple tests without disturbing the climatic chamber conditions
  • Simple test setup
  • Live measurement updates
  • Colored health indication
  • Process control upper and lower limit charts (Confidence levels calculated and charted for the corresponding Cpk and Ppk)
  • Channel details are charted
  • Monitor test progress
  • Measurement overview
  • Customize chart filtering
  • Compare measurements to chamber environment
  • Compiled report of test findings
  • Review test results
  • Compare tests and charts