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How is this different from standard SIR?

This is an SIR tool that can be used on the production floor, which allows you to test multiple parameters (i.e.PCB System Design, Materials Characterization, Process Development and Process Controlin real time. With the Magnalytix OE-250, you do not need to wait until the end of the test to see if you pass or fail. You can see it at any time, in real time while your process is running.   

Unlike anything else in the world, the Magnalytix OE-250 also runs statistical analysis as the test is running. You can even pull your SPC chart with a few clicks. The data and parameters you wish to monitor can be custom formatted to the units and measurements you have chosen.  The system can also show historic and other variable data during the test, so you can make adjustments immediately, right on the floor. You won’t even have to stop the test to put in a new test card. 

Is it really plug n’ play?

Yes! These are real components testing, and once your Magnalytix OE-250 is installed, you can run tests to your unique specifications and receive the statistical analysis you used to wait weeks for. We also provide turnkey training, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Test Cards

How many cards can be tested and how many channels?

Currently we can test 8 cards and 32 channels, but a 16 card/64 channel SIR tester is in development. Please call us at 615-983-8866 if you are interested in another configuration.

Have the test cards been approved by IPC J-STD -001 SECTION 8.1?

IPC 9202 and 9203 are focused on the B-52 test board. The language in 9202 and 9203 allow for the use of specifically designed test boards as agreed upon between user and manufacturer (AAGAP).

How do we determine which test card is right for us?

The test boards are designed with challenging components used on production hardware. To ensure you are using the correct cards for your configuration, please contact us at 615-983-8866 or email us at info@magnalytix.com. A product specialist will be able to help you determine the proper testing materials.

Can you test B24, B25, B36 AND B52 TEST CARDS?

Magnalytix OE-250 used edge connectors to connect the test board to the measuring device. We also offer adapters to run the B24, B25, B36 and B52 test cards.

What are our options for customized test cards?

There are many options for testing and building test cards, and we can customize test cards based on actual hardware density and the component choices of your system. Please contact us for more details.


What is the maximum resistance measured?

We can currently measure up to1E12.

To Purchase

What is the price?

Please send an email to info@magnalytix.com and one of our Magnalytix OE-250 specialists will get back to you to go over the product configurations that best fit your needs.

Can we just buy the SIR test equipment without the humidity chamber?

YES, the Magnalytix OE-250 is compatible with most stand-alone humidity chambers.

Can we buy the system and cables and have it do continuity testing instead of high resistance measurements?

Yes, in a custom system. Please contact us for more details.

I’m very impressed with the cabling you use to connect your SIR testing equipment to the humidity chamber. Are you able to make similar cables for my current system?

We are glad that you noticed our unique cabling product, and we have been getting this question quite a bit. We are currently discussing this, and welcome your inquiry!

Can we buy a system for measuring current draw?

Yes, in a custom system. Please contact us for more details.

Can we custom a software and hardware solution around our needs?

Absolutely! We are happy to discuss how this can be accomplished with a custom system. Please contact us for more details.

Can we get a bigger humidity chamber?

Yes, humidity chambers are ordered specific to chamber size. Please contact a product specialist for more information at 615-983-8866

If we need a smaller footprint than shown side by side, can we put the SIR test gear on top of the humidity chamber?

Yes, you can stack the humidity chamber and Magnalytix OE-250, saving valuable space on the production floor.

System Impedance, Measurement Test Range, Test Questions

What is the maximum system impedance?


Can we test below the 1 mega ohm safety resistor?

Yes, with a software modification. Please contact us at 615-983-8866 for more information.

Can we measure at high and low resistance? What is the measurement test range?

We can measure 1 ohm to 1e12

Can we run higher test bias voltages?

We are currently discussing offering higher test bias voltages. Please contact us for more information.

Can we run IPC (85°C /85% RH)?


Can we build a system to perform testing in a HAST chamber?

Yes, this is a custom option. Please contact us for more information.

Can we build a modified software interface for added statistical measurements and modeling?

Yes, we can customize the software interface for what is important to the user’s interface experience.

Are these real components testing?

We also manufacturer and offer Magnalytix dummy components to reduce cost. Live components are not recommended. They will short during the measurement cycle. There are companies who make dummy components that are replicates of actual hardware. Remember, SIR is design to test the effects of process contamination next to the lands and under the components bottom termination.

What is Pass/Fail based on?

Industry has commonly accepted SIR values above 100 megohms (1e Log 8) as the pass/fail threshold. Magnalytix software offers the option to set the pass/fail and warning bands when setting up your test.

Can you look at what failed & isolate those so we can see what happened?

Yes, the value of real-time testing means that as soon as you are notified of a test failure, you can see the results immediately, and then reconfigure your test with different variables. The reporting allows you to troubleshoot, immediately, right on the production floor. Many users remove failed components to inspect residue patterns, leakage currents and dendritic growth.

When do you get the test failure alert?

Alerts are set up to your needs and specifications. You can set up when you want to be notified, how you want to be notified, and build custom notifications in the system.

How does the ion exchange water filtration work?

Some suppliers of environmental chambers offer cartridge filtration for recycling process water.