A world where we can truly rely on Our Electronics!

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world where we can truly rely on Our Electronic devices to work.
After all, someone’s mother, brother, father, sister, son or daughter is depending on that device. And, in our everyday lives, for most of us, all around the world, we know that…

Our Electronics have become like a good friend.
They are our entertainment, our provider of power and food.
Our education, our future, our mathematician,
our sharer of important personal moments, our navigator,
our business vitality tracker,
our bank, our music,
our art, our weapon…
and our sender of love notes…
They are my connection to you and
our connection to the universe.
Our Electronics are critical to our survival and the quality of life we lead.
We cannot live or thrive without them.
That’s why reliability matters more than ever.

The failure of our devices has moved from inconvenience to great harm, huge costs and even loss of life.

The military, security, automotive and medical industries may be the most sensitive now. Still, all of our systems and electronics must work when we need them.

Welcome to Magnalytix, where reliability for Our Electronics is delivered through the science of real-time Objective Evidence.